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Privacy Policy

Sell Cars for Cash Houston highly values your privacy. To help you best understand what we may collect and do with your information, we have published this privacy and security policy. 

‌Information referenced in this policy may be collected when you visit our website, use products or services, fill out digital forms, download resources, or interact with us online. 

‌While we partner with some other brands, you will be required to give consent in order for us to provide them with information. However, we cannot control the personal 
‌information you provide to third-parties – such as browser extensions – or other websites you use.

Collection of Your Information

Sell Cars for Cash Houston collects a variety of information on our customers when they interact with us online in order to provide the highest quality service. Data collection can include personally identifiable information such as your name, contact information, data of birth, and address or location. 

Information we collect may also include cookies and browser information to monitor online experiences. 

By providing us with this information, you are consenting to its use as described in this policy. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting Sell Cars for Cash Houston support directly.  

Sell Cars for Cash Houston also collects some performance data that may include how well our website and services perform, bug issues and fixes, and statistics on any content you upload or send to us. Before using this information or sharing it with partners, we work to remove all personally identifiable information characteristics of this information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We may provide the information you provide to our employees and agents in order to manage accounts, products, and services we offer. Sell Cars for Cash Houston will not disclose your information to outside parties without your consent. 

‌However, if you break our terms of service or if we are under a legal obligation to provide information about a customer, we may disclose your information relevant authorities.

Policy Security and Changes

This policy statement ensures that your information is kept as securely as Sell Cars for Cash Houston can keep it. We work diligently to limit an unsecured access and use a variety of security technologies. 

‌Sell Cars for Cash Houston’s privacy policy is subject to change, without notice, but all changes will be posted online on this page. We advise you continue to check this page regularly to view our most recent privacy policy.